Childhood's End

1.03 - Gang Wars

The warehouse is ripe with the smell of salt water and day-old fish. The lights seem to be in need of replacing, along with several other repairs that could stand to happen. The boys look around, guns at the ready as Miguel walks towards the table at the center of the room.

Sitting at the table is a man who, in Miguel’s opinion, could stand to lose a few pounds. The huge white man known as Angelo sits casually in his newest Armani suit, with a lit cuban between his fingers. Seeing Miguel, the white man immediately smiles and spreads his arms wide.

“Miguel, I’m so glad you agreed to this sit down.” Nodding, Miguel sits at the other side of the table as Angelo passes him a glass of whiskey. Taking another drag off of the cigar, Angelo looks at Miguel and smiles as he offers the Hispanic gangster a cigar.

“Want a cigar? I figure that you and the other wetbacks in your crew didn’t get a chance to smoke one of these beauties before your mommas smuggled you here in old tires.”

One of Miguel’s boys moved to draw his gun before Miguel motioned him to hold still. Returning a cold smile of his own, Miguel accepted the cigar. “You called this meeting, gringo. So, what do you want?”

Taking another drag of his own cigar, Angelo smiled again. “I’ve come to offer you a deal, Miguelito. Here’s my offer; you and your boys get to keep running things the way you like down here on this end of town, and in exchange for me allowing this, you’ll pay me fifty percent off the top.”

Miguel choked on the cigar he’d been smoking. “What did you just say?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Should I have brought someone to speak that muck of yours?” Angelo smiled as another insult was thrown in. “Look, it’s a simple proposition. You pay me fifty percent of your income, and in exchange, I allow you to keep working here.”

Miguel looked coldly at his long-time rival in the gang world. “Let me get this straight. You want us to pay you money to keep doing what we’re already doing?”

Angelo smiled. “Of course. Look, the fact of the matter is that the different gangs have been separate for too long. They need a central authority to make sure we don’t bump into each other. And, I’d rather have you lead your unwashed masses than have to send in one of my boys to do it.”

Miguel barely hid the shock of what was being said. “So, you come into my part of town. You insult my boys and me. And then you have the cajones to tell me that we’re working for you? Vato, you in my turf. What make you think you gonna walk outta here alive?”

At that last sentence, guns were drawn and cocked, all of them pointed at Angelo “Snapps” Provologne. Seeing the fifty-plus guns pointed at his head, Angelo smiled. “I think you’ll find things have changed a bit, Miguel.”

“You know what? I’m tired of listening to your crap. ┬íM├ítenlo!”

It took Miguel a second to realize that nothing had happened. Looking around at the boys, he saw that none of them were moving. They were stone still. Turning around to Angelo, he stared in surprise to see three guys he hadn’t seen before. Moving to whip his pistol around to shoot, Miguel yelped in surprise as a large tentacle came out of the shadows and took the gun away from him. Turning in that direction, he saw the most horrible thing in his life. A man with six tentacles where his arms should’ve been. The man smiled as he passed the gun from tentacle to tentacle, each one slowly disarming the weapon.

Turning back towards Angelo, he saw the huge Italian stand up. “You really should’ve taken my offer Miguel.” The bigger of the other three men’s hands started to glow.

“You really should’ve.”

Following a lead, Stealth checked out the warehouse slaughter. There he met up with Eddie Pollard, who told him that gangs had been dropping left and right in recent weeks.

Hitting the streets, Stealth found a thug, one of the last surviving members of the Tres Cruzes, who told him about Angelo “Snaps” Provolone, who had been meeting with Miguel Diaz. He thought that Provolone had something to do with the murders.

Tracking Provolone to his restaurant, which served as his headquarters, Stealth was able to get inside the building and sneak into the back. There, dressed as a waiter, he walked into Provolone’s office, but was caught. Trying to make a run for it, Stealth was confronted by two of Provolone’s new men, Tempus, Master of Time & Octaman. Stealth changed into his outfit, in front of the villains, and swooped into the air.

Circling, he tried once again to sneak into the building, after discovering that Provolone now had footage of Stealth’s real face. Making it to the computer room, Stealth disabled the computer and burned all the recordings.

Walking out of the room, he ran into Octaman, and the two had a drawn out battle before Stealth dropped the super-villain. However, on the way out, he met with Tempus again, and the master of time turned out to be too much for Stealth. He was captured and put in a holding forcefield in Maria’s basement.

Awarded 1 Power Point to Stealth. He will also start next session with an extra Hero Point.



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