What's Going on in Russia

12 April 2013

Good morning listeners. The Watchman here. We’ve seen a lot of things over the years that made us fear, but seeing a lack of something makes me worry in the extreme.

We all know about Czar Putin’s private meta-human army, the Winter Guard. We’ve seen the reports. The Winter Guard has been re-taking countries that broke free of that terrible regime for the past two years. And what has our great and noble government done about it?

Nothing. Not a thing. At least from time to time The Union tries to step in and stop them, though their results have varied. Where have we been? Why hasn’t The American and the Minute Men been sent in? They could probably stop those Ruskies in their tracks!

Now, I don’t want to point out how much our government has failed the world out there lately. I wanted to point something else out.

Has anyone seen a report of the Winter Guard these past weeks? I haven’t. They’re not exactly quiet about their activities, so where have they been? What are they up to?

I really hope I’ve got listeners at the White House, or better yet, up in space. If you folks can here me, I hope you’ve got a finger on the problem here.

What's Going on in Russia

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