The Ursi are a race of great and powerful warriors. Respected or feared throughout the galaxy at large, they are known for their fierce tempers and ferocious fighting styles. However, the Ursi are not a conquering race, prefering to be left in peace for the most part.

Although the race has a home planet on Ursa, the Ursi themselves prefer a solitary lifestyle. Most beings encountering the Ursi only ever meet a lone individual. Exceptions include father/ son and mother/ daughter sets. Ursi couples meet only every few years to mate. When children are born, males go with their fathers while females go with their mothers. This should in no way make the casual intergalactic traveller think that the Ursi favor one gender over another. Quite the contrary, the Ursi females and males fight equally and, when needed, shoulder to shoulder. Though, most civilizations agree that such a combined might would be a bad thing.

Instead of travelling the galaxy with other beings, most Ursi use robotic crews and servants, prefering the quiet efficiency to having to get to know other people.


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