The Question Everybody's Avoiding

6 March 2013

I know that no one’s really happy to ask this question, but here it is. According to the reports of our ever watchful media, the extraterrestrial known as Torbun came to Earth, not to conquer, but to save his son.

Now, it’s very cool that the Knights of Neumond came together to save us all and what not, but here’s a thought; how did the young alien arrive on Earth? We have been told nothing about this.

We know that none of the villains present are capable of interstellar flight. So, how did that little guy get to Earth?

I’ve heard it from a little birdie that there was a different alien on Earth at the time, working with the villains. If this is so, is the Earth in danger?

More importantly; was this done on purpose to draw the Earth into the galactic spotlight?

The Question Everybody's Avoiding

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