Proof Metahumans Shouldn't Be Registered

7 March 2013

This, ladies and gentlemen, is proof that the meta-humans are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. Bad guys get together, do something terrible, and our boys and girls in spandex do what they do best! KICKING BUTT!

Then, not only do our heroes save us from an alien, but they also saved us from a giant, rampaging super-ape. I mean, how cool is that? It’s very cool.

But, what would some people like Caleb Gardner want for their efforts? He’d throw them in jail and lock them up. Why, folks, why? Why lock up our heroes? Because they don’t want to work for an evil, despotic government? Can’t say as I blame them.

They’re the one good thing in the world right now. They’re working towards making our world a better place, and they’re doing it in their own way. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Proof Metahumans Shouldn't Be Registered

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