Ghost Sightings 1

!!!Reader Beware!!!

There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the super-man is here. Just one month ago, our fair city was a normal metropolis. Children playing in the street, families having picnics, corrupt cops taking bribes from the local gangs. It was pretty much average Americus.

Then it happened. We all know someone who was infected by the storm. And, I do mean infected. Does no one else see this? Does no one else see the danger? The human race has been tampered with, and I have a bad feeling as to why, not to mention by whom.

I haven’t seen the truth yet, but I can promise you that I will soon. And, when that day comes, I will tell you. I don’t believe in keeping this kind of information from the public, unlike our great Mayor Maggie York, or our benevolent benefactor Maximillian Mars, president of MARS Tech, who would (I have no doubt) rather the citizens of our fair burb remain ignorant little sheep that can be lead to the culling.

The people must awaken! They must stand up and see the truth! It is the only chance we have!

Your humble servant,
The Gray Ghost

Ghost Sightings 1

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