The Gardeners are a race of intelligent plants that live in the Pegasus Galaxy, some distance away from the Milky Way.

They have three stages of life:
1. Youth – At this stage, the Gardeners resemble humans with a plantish appearence. They are at their most mobile and also their most immature. At this stage, Gardeners are known to want to ‘pollunate’ on a regular basis.

2. Middle Age – At this stage, the Gardeners have grown to 30-40 feet tall (Size Rank 0). They are more pensive at this point, but still mobile. This stage is when they dedicate their lives to caring for others of their species, such as the young and old.

3. Old – At this stage, Gardeners have settled down and put roots. They stop moving for the rest of their lives for the most part and live out their remainder years surrounded by their friends and family. At this stage, it is known that they develop telepathy, allowing them to communicate without words entirely.

Known Gardeners


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