Death of a Criminal

The image on the TV screen starts with a wide angle shot of Caleb Gardner, before gliding in for a close-up.

Good evening. Our top story tonight is the death of Angelo “Snaps” Provolone, notorious crime boss. Police were called to the warehouse district this evening when a homeless person reported a burned out body. We take you now live to the scene with our on-the-spot reporter, Abigail Solomon. Abigail?

The picture changes to a night scene of the warehouse district. In the background are various police and EMS workers moving about. A body bag is being loaded into an ambulance. In the foreground stands the blonde Abigail.

Thank you, Caleb. I’m standing near the warehouse headquarters of Pescado Mercado, where officials tonight found the burned out body of Angelo “Snaps” Provolone. I had a moment earlier to speak with the eye-witness.

The image shifts to a per-recorded segment of Abigail interviewing a homeless guy.

What can you tell us about tonight? begins Abigail.

Well, I can tell yu that I was jus lookin’ for a place to lay down for the night when I smellt somethin burnin. I lookd arount and found that body over der. I callt the pohleez an tolt’em what I’d seen.

Abigail nods and continues, Did you seen anyone drop the body off?

No. The homeless man simply shakes his head. I just smellt the body.

The image goes back to live with Abigail. So you see, Caleb. No witnesses on who did the deed, but it’s clear to night that the Boss of Bosses is dead. We can only wonder, who will step in to fill his shoes?

The image shifts back to Caleb Gardner. Thank you, Abigail. Who indeed?

Death of a Criminal

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