Church of Celestial

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Soon after the Second Storm and the death of Max Mars, the hero formally known as Push arrived in Detroit and began to clean the city of crime.

It soon became clear that the hero was fully committed to this crusade, as he seemed to be everywhere. Even simple pickpockets walked in fear of him dropping out of the sky. People began to wonder at this Heavenly Avenger, why he had come, and whether or not he was divine.

Then came Michael. He started off as a simple street preacher, telling people about the hero’s divine mission to save the city. His preachings became more and more popular to the average street walker, who had spent years fearing the streets and was now enjoying the safety. Michael spoke of this “celestial being”, that he was indeed “Heaven sent” to save the city. People walked away from his sermons feeling better about their future. They began to have hope.

Eventually, Michael gathered his regular listeners and together they formed a church with the city government. They soon had donations from the wealthiest in the city to build a meeting house, where they could study the scriptures and Michael could preach the truth that Celestial’s example taught.

Church of Celestial

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