Celestial City

A few years ago, The U.S. News did a story on the most dangerous cities to live in the United States. Detroit came in number five.

Then came Push, fresh from battling Max Mars. Push was determined that the citizens of his new home would be safe, and safe he made them. People started calling Push ‘an angel sent from Heaven’. He seemed to be everywhere at once, stopping every crime from arson to purse snatching.

Within a few years, Celestial (as Detroit Citizens insisted on calling him) had personally lowered the crime rate in Detroit so far that the mayor considered cutting the budget to the police force since they were rendered practically useless. However, the Heavenly Avenger paid him a visit and insited that Mayor Olen actually increase the police budget, stating that a well-regulated police force was essential to the citizens learning to obey the law. Mayor Olen was so impressed with the hero’s argument that he agreed.

At the next election, Mayor Olen was losing to a new comer, until Celestial made a very public endorsement for the encumbent. Mayor Olen won in a landslide.

Celestial soon became much more involved in local politics, expressing his opinion to the local news at every concevable juncture. His opinions led to education reform, cleaner streets, safer parks, all of which was protected by the city’s own guardian.

After 3 years, the city, in gratitude for their hero’s hard work, rechristened itself Celestial City. In the next report run by the U.S. News, the newly named metropolis was deemed the safest city in the U.S. Its educational system was praised as their students out-performed students in every other city in the country. Poverty dropped to practically zero, and it’s expected to reach zero soon. ‘Normal’ crime is almost non-existent, and usually only committed by people new to town, who soon learn their lesson.

Super villains, however, were always a problem, and much more than the well-funded and trained police force could handle. Celestial was always there, however, to save the day. It was one day asked where the super villains were put, but the question was simply ignored by all members of the city’s administration. The reporter in question was sumarilly fired and asked to leave the city.

Celestial City is considered a great place to live, as long as you don’t mind a few extra rules. And, if you do mind, well, the road’s always available to take you somewhere else.

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Celestial City

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