Childhood's End

214 - Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
A brother's love
213 - What the fudge!
Wait. What?

The heroes were in the process of trying to save the planet of the Inoy when they were swept up into a death match for the entertainment of a super-powerful entity calling himself, Mr. Infamy.

The heroes managed to thwart the villain’s plans and make it out alive.

The planet was saved.

210 - War and Faith

The heroes discover that the Sauri have a long-standing treaty with Atlantis to leave the surface alone so long as the surface leaves their territory alone. They claim that they are responding to an incursion from the surface world.

They are taken to a large building called ABIS. They discover that the building is under the control of Celestial, who uses it to ‘re-educate’ the world’s worst criminals. In order to prevent all-out war, a prayer is said to have the building moved, and it is done.

However, Michael is left behind to ‘convert’ the Sauri to the faith.

209 - To the Core

The heroes discover, through Vine, that thermic vents opened on the bottom of the ocean floor, allowing the kaiju to rise and attack. Borrowing a new submarine, Sea Wolf 1 from the American government (thanks to The American) the group travels to the ocean floor to investigate.

There they run into a group of dinosaur-looking creatures piloting advanced submarines. They are ushered underwater to meet an entire fleet of them.

208 - Big Frickin' Monsters

The heroes have to find off multiple ‘kaiju’ that begin attacking the world’s capitals after rising from the ocean.

It is discovered that thermal vents had opened along the ocean floor, which the monsters came up through.

206 - The MESH Cometh
And worlds shall burn.
205 - Dreaming Trees
Trees have nightmares too.

Plants burn as blue flames lick their green barks. The screams of dying plants echo around her ears. Helpless, Vine simply turns in horror as the trees struggle to put out the flames killing them. She knows they won’t succeed. She knows the truth. Every plant is burning. The entire planet is dying as the three moons look on in the night sky.
Awakening suddenly, Vine realizes it was all a nightmare.


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