The Comrade

Russia's Super Soldier


The Comrade is known throughout Russia as their super soldier. He has shown to have faster than human reflexes, as well as a penchant for combat. That, combined with his sword, which he claims is the magical Sword Kladenets, make him an opponent to not take lightly.


Levka Zheronkina was always a sickly boy. He was never really able to help his parents out with work around their small apartment, nor able to get work to help support his mother. So, Levka spent time tending to his aging grandparents. He grew up on stories of Russia’s glory days, when the U.S.S.R. was something to be feared, as well as respected. He grew up learning about the glories of communism, where everyone does their fair share of work and everyone is taken care of. To little Levka, who often went to bed hungry, this was an idyllic time in the past.

As he grew, Levka became resentful of capitilism and what it had done to his beautiful homeland. He felt that the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. was entirely the fault of the U.S.A. and that they should be punished for it. So, when Levka grew old enough, he tried to join the military, but was rejected for his health issues, again and again. This only further fueld Levka’s rage.

Then a miracle happened. The Second Storm struck an area not mere blocks from his home. Levka had heard the news reports of the first Silver Storm in the U.S.A. He just knew that if he could get inside that storm, he could become the man he’d always dreamt of being. So he rushed out of his house, and was immediately swept up with the crowd running from the scene. Levka watched in horror as his life-long dream was ripped from his hands by his fellow citizens’ fears. He began to despise them.

In depression, Levka returned to his home and began to contemplate suicide. The next day, as he sat with his grandfather’s pistol in his hands, a note slipped under his front door. He had been recruited to the military, for a special assignment. Without thinking, Levka immediately ran to the location described in the letter. He was inducted into Russia’s secret Winter Guard.

Along with 30 other candidates, Levka began being subjected to radical experiments involving everything from radiation, to gene therapy, to Russia’s own version of storm particles. Slowly, Levka began to see his fellow candidates die around him, often painfully. However, he would not give up. He perservered and was determined to succeed. Finally, Levka was the only surviving candidate. The scientists told him it was due to his tenacity. He’d willed himself to survive.

Coming out on the other side of the experiments a person in nearly perfect shape, Levka was given the codename The Comrade, and began training to use his new super-body. A year later, he was presented with the weapon Sword Kladenets, which became his trademark. Soon, The Comrade was joined by other meta-humans, including Iron Sister, the sister of the traitorous American.

Winter Guard began a campaign of re-conquering parts of Russia back into the U.S.S.R. They became listed by the U.N. as terrorists. More important to Levka, he now had the chance to make his dreams for his mother-land come true.

The Comrade

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