Soundbarrier has the ability to convert light energy into sonic energy. He has learned to use this in a number of ways, from sonic blasts and punches, to a protective forcefield, to even vibrating sound waves against air particles, allowing him to fly.



Steven Smith was born in the Southern United States, in the city of Atlanta. He grew up happy and healthy, like many other children. After high school, he attended Harvard with the intention of becoming a lawyer, like his father.

However, with the Second Storm, all of Steven’s plans were thrown out the window. First off, his parents and younger siblings were both still in Atlanta when the South was destroyed in the aftermath.

Steven himself had been exposed to storm particles at Harvard and now possessed superpowers. Finding out what had happened to his family, he gave up on school and became a vigilante in New York for a time.

Then, one night on patrol, the young man was visited by Mecha Mistress. She offered Steven a spot in The Academy as a trainee. The young man saw this as a chance to do something more, to stand up to those who abuse their power, and immediately signed on. Steven was given the codename of Soundbarrier. The hero then began his training to one day save the world.


Steven is the brother of the hero known as Eagle. They disagree on how the world should be saved, but will fight together.


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