Real Name: Benjamin Fields
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6"0’
Weight: 130lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Short Black

Even with Ben’s ex-military father “toughing” Ben up, Ben was the target of many of the bullies in Neumond school system. Ben had one friend in his childhood, Terry Austin. Terry would defend Ben for years, till one day, Terry disappeared. The lose of his friend and low self of steam hurt Ben’s grades and ambitions. After graduation, Ben never tried to grow up or move on with his life. Ben Spends most of his time in his parent’s basement, where he lives. Before the storm, Ben would stay up all night playing World of Warcrack and, a more recent title, Old Council. Escaping the worries of the world, outside of his safe home, Ben never made much human contact.

Despite becoming Push, Ben still feels like the loser he once was, and is afraid of losing control over his powers one day.


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