Punchy Pietro


Punchy Pietro was the co-leader of The Union.

After Raven left the group, Pietro took over has leader.


Born Aurelio Di Pietro in Rho, Italy, young Aurelio was prone to fighting with his classmates. He was constantly being sent home from school. However, what the teachers and his parents never knew, was that Aurelio fought to protect a younger student who was constantly picked on.

When he became an adult, Aurelio became a professional boxer.

After the Second Storm, Aurelio developed a tougher body and the ability to make most anyone believe anything he says. Using his new skills, Aurelio began to fight crime in his home country.

Soon enough, the Union was formed by the European Union, and Aurelio was asked to join up as Italy’s representative. Soon, Puncy Pietro, as he was now known, became the defactor leader of the group.

Then, Raven joined up, and the EU Council asked Pietro to step down to second in command. He did, recognizing Raven’s greater experience.

After an evening that is better left undescribed, Pietro and Raven had a child named Rose. However, Pietro showed his true feelings about family and left Raven and the child to fend for themselves. Public opinion on the hero dropped immediately.

Punchy Pietro

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