Lilith Riddle A.K.A. Raven

A model with a bad case of her bark being worse than her bite at least that was until she got caught in the silver storm


Lilith is a ex-super model who used to work for Maximillian Mars that is until she gave one to many snide but truthful remarks and found herself out of a job. While doing odd modeling gigs and looking for a permanent source of income before her stockpile ran out she found herself at the Galleries of Neumond. Little did she know what was about to happen, she found herself caught in the The Silver Storm not even knowing what it was. As the days afterword passed by she realized that she had developed interesting powers mainly that she could shoot shadow blast from her hands. Still jumping from modeling gig to gig she ended up at the science of the future convention as a booth babe with nerds drooling and trying to get a little to close her temper started to boil. The bad part is that the person who her temper finally exploded at was Dr. Rosario and her machine retaliated. The first machine was easy enough but when the second exploded she went with it only to be found days later just as confused as the rest of the heroes.

Lilith is a people watcher she knows whats in fashion and who the latest pop craze is. If you need a walking lie detector she is your girl just be ready to handle her mildly abrasive personality. What the explosion of the robot taught her is that Gloating=BAD

Lilith Riddle A.K.A. Raven

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