Light Bearer

A warrior of light to hold the darkness at bay


[[2.03 City of Shadows | 2.03 City of Shadows]]
[[2.04 Army of Light | 2.04 Army of Light]]


The Light Bearers are warriors dedicated to protecting what’s left of Atlantis. Eons ago, the archmages of Atlantis fused these warriors with powerful magicks which empowered them with great abilities. Now ageless and wielders of such great powers, the Light Bearers protected Atlantis for ten-thousand years from the Darkness and the beasts therein.

Over time, sadly, many of the warriors fell in battle against the shadows. Where there were once thousands of Light Bearers, now only hundreds stand. Their ranks have been so dimenished by the shadows that many parts of Atlantis lie uninhabited due to a lack of protection.

Light Bearers are focused and driven, responding to the will of the ruling council of Atlantis, though in truth they take their orders from the Praetor, or lead councilman. There have been times when such councilmen have done terrible deeds through the Light Bearers, but they always remain faithful and loyal.

Light Bearer

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