Iron Sister


During the Second Storm, a young lady named Fenia Chofsky was caught in the blast. She soon developed her own super-powers. She used her powers, at first, to help her little village fend off meta-human thugs trying to rape and pillage. However, after a few months, men from the Russian government arrived and told her that her Mother-Land needed her. She signed on immediately.

Going through intense training, the young girl learned quickly to harness her newfound powers. She was given the codename Iron Sister and assigned to the newly formed group, Winter Guard. Since then, she has been a staunch supporter of the U.S.S.R. Reborn, a government group dedicated to reclaiming Russia’s former glory and territories.

Fenia is sister to Dolfe Chofsky, a.k.a. The American. She has tried on numerous occasions to recruit her brother back to Russia and into the Winter Guard, but has failed each time.

Fenia loves her brother, but doesn’t understand why he abandoned their family and home.

Iron Sister

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