Holmes is the tactician for The Union


Born Cordellia Doyle to a wealthy family in Lancaster, England, Holmes grew up in the high life. Her every want and need was taken care of, but a terrible thing happened. When she was five years old, Cordellia fell from climbing a tree and fractured her skull. Though she was rushed to the hospital and did survive, the damage to her brain left her in a vegetative state.

Her parents did their best to take care of her as she grew up, and she was well cared for. Her father would read the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to her every night. He was convinced she enjoyed it.

Her family was visiting relatives in London when the Second Storm happened. The change was immediate and obvious. For the first time ever, Cordellia spoke to her parents. The Storm had not only repaired the damage to her mind, but made her a genius. She revealed to her father that she did remember those days when he’d read to her, and she began to use her new vast intellect to fight crime in England, becoming a modern-day Holmes, with her parents’ financial support.

When the EU Council formed the Union, Holmes was asked to sign up. She agreed to help out when needed, but refused to join the team officially, as they were controlled by the government.

Holmes has practically no social skills, having grown up without other children. She often interrupts conversations or stands to close to others because she doesn’t see what’s wrong with it, even though some have tried to explain it to her.


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