A giant of a criminal


Known Powers
Tommy Fitzgerald, or Gargantua as he’s now been dubbed by the news media, has been seen to grow up to sixty feet tall, with strength and endurance to match.

02 – Trails


Basic Details
Description: REAL NAME: Thomas “Tommy” Fitzgerald
OCCUPATION: Longshoreman
BASE: Neumond

Additional Details
Tommy Fitzgerald was just another guy with simple tastes and churlish means, until one fateful day when he failed at a critical half of his “lift and tote” job. Whatever was being smuggled in the container he dropped mutated Tommy, allowing him to become a giant at will. Mostly, though, it just made him into a giant jerk.

It doesn’t take long for stories of a 60-foot guy knocking over liquor stores (literally) to reach the upper echelons of Neumond’s villain hierarchy. Ultimately, “the Big Brain” won the bidding war for Tommy’s services, and he—now re-dubbed “Gargantua”—became a card carrying F.O.E. member.

Personality: Gargantua is a simple guy; he likes beer, broads, having a good laugh, and long weekends. Anything that lets him enjoy more of those things is good with him. Even before he gained his powers he was a boorish bully who enjoyed getting his way, now he’s even worse. He thinks he’s hilarious.


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