Beautiful patrotism


Eagle grew wings when exposed to storm particles. She has been clocked at flying over one-hundred mph. Her eyes have the ability to see ten times further than the average human and capture information in half the time. This means she can quickly scan a battlefield for enemies or victims in need of saving.

When she wants, Eagle can extend talons from her fingers that have been known to tear through kevlar.

However, Eagle’s true power comes from her voice. Eagle has the ability to emit a high-powered sonic wave from her mouth which can be used as a massively destructive attack or simply as a way of deafening people.



Laura Smith was born the oldest of four children in Atlanta. The daughter of loving parents, Laura never wanted for much. Her parent’s love and devotion allowed her to grow into a capable and intelligent woman.

After high school, Laura attended BYU, where she majored in education. She then went on to teach elementary school in Los Angeles to underprivilaged children. She was happy in her life.

All of that changed, however, on the day of The Second Storm. Exposed to storm particles along with many others, Laura developed superpowers and was used by Maximillian Mars to help conquer Los Angeles. A week later, she came to, having been freed by the Knights of Neumond when they defeated the megalomaniac. However, she awoke to the knowledge that her parents and two youngest siblings had died in the aftermath when the South was destroyed.

The reality of evil and powerful men in the world caused Laura to give up on teaching and to begin training herself in the use of her powers. She began to seek out corrupt officials and bring them to justice. This brought her to the attention of the U.S. Government. One night on patrol, Laura landed on a building to find herself standing face to face with All-American Man. He explained to her that the government had recently put together a group of meta-humans who would protect the country from evil men like Mars. He invited her to join. Laura said yes.

Laura was given the codename of Eagle upon her entry into the Minute Men. Her zeal for justice made her a perfect soldier. She has fought alongside The American on numerous campaigns and helped save the country more than once.


Laura is the older sister of the Trainee known as Soundbarrier. She has asked him many times to join with the Minute Men, believing that working with the government is the best option. Despite his constant refusals, she has fought at his side in the past.


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