A techno-thief


Sarah Loring’s life was a joyful carousel of studying for her medical career, wonderful husband, and her cherished twin infant boys. Fate seemingly could not bear such happiness, as in quick succession a senseless accident made her a widow and her sons were diagnosed with a rare, potentially fatal, genetic disorder. The money and attention her now-ailing children required far outstripped the amount of money available to her, and sent her in desperate search of assistance.

This led to her final misery, as only the criminal scientist organization known as the Consortium offered the huge sum of fast cash her boys needed for their care. Mercifully,
she was outwardly unchanged and her children’s lives were saved. However, on the inside, the once-good Sarah has been corrupted by the life of crime in which she is now trapped. Even after leaving the Consortium behind, circumstances forced her to join F.O.E. shortly thereafter.

In truth, there’s a lot of Sarah’s former, moral self left within Cyberknight. However, so long as her boys need her out of prison and the cash her crimes bring in, her scruples are on hold, at best.

To most, Cyberknight is all business: sharply focused on the criminal task at hand. Few get to see her heartfelt (though ultimately) fleeting protestations against the more cold-blooded means of the other F.O.E. members. Only her kids see the wonderful, doting mom she longs to be above all.

Known Powers
Sarah was surgically implanted with a variety of high technology devices, transforming her into a cyborg with enhanced skills, senses, and resistance to harm. She’s capable of flight, feats of super-strength, and invisibility. Her Cyberlance allows her to damage and ensnare opponents at range.

02 – Trails


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