Cyber Cymion

Genetic experiment gone wrong.


5 Years Later


Some time after the Second Silver Storm, the U.S. government decided that it needed to start creating super-powers for the new arms race. Their first experiment involved a gorilla who was injected with a formula that re-arranged the ape’s RNA, making him stronger and granting him super-intelligence.

At first, the government scientists clapped each other on the back, stating how they’d succeeded, but soon they realized that the gorilla’s intellect had outstripped their own. Worse, the gorilla discovered this for himself. Enraged at his imprisonment, the ape escaped and killed the entire scientific crew. After that, he disappeared for some time.

During this time, the ape equipped himself with sophisticated weaponary. He then went to Washington, D.C. and captured the President. Holding him hostage, the ape demanded that all governmental power be handed over to him. However, All-American Man arrived on the scene and engaged in a heated battle with the enhanced ape before defeating him.

However, it was not long before Cyber Cymion (as he now called himself) escaped again to exact his revenge. He has become a regular threat to the capitol as well as a villain for All-American Man.

Cyber Cymion

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