Colin Hoke, host of KSKY’s the Nightwatchman

A shock-jock with good intentions.


02 – Trails


Hoke fills the radio airwaves with all the bombast they can carry seven nights a week during his top-rated nighttime call-in show. Like most of its kind, Hoke’s show prospers because of its host’s unpredictability. His listeners never know what he’s going to say next, and at times, neither does Hoke himself. In truth, Hoke does have a guiding principal: whatever type or degree of controversy that keeps people’s dials tuned into his show is totally fine.

Hoke buries the costumed heroes when they’re popular, but if public sympathies turn against them, the characters strangely (and perhaps uncomfortably) find him to be their biggest booster. In either case, the heroes are always welcome on his show—ratings, remember?

Colin Hoke, host of KSKY’s the Nightwatchman

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