He's a loose one.


Known powers:

Cannon has demonstrated enormous resistance to damage, able to take hits from some of the Knights of Neumond’s heavy hitters.

Cannon is able to generate vast amounts of plasma energy and discharge it at will.

Ever the gangster at heart, Cannon’s a coward. He’s demonstrated this twice already with his final other trick, the ability to teleport at will.


Opportunities seemed few for Pete Stone after his dishonorable discharge from the US Army, and coupled with his lack of talents and scruples, pushed him into a life of petty crime. Eventually, his criminal contacts led him to working for Angelo “Snaps” Provolone, a crime boss of Neumond. A few years of general grunt work made Stone a regular in the gang.

Then it all changed when Stone suddenly had superpowers. Re-dubbing himself as Cannon, Stone quickly became the most important member of Provolone’s gang. That, combined with Stone’s general disregard for life made him one of the most dangerous men in crime.


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