A child with the power of a god.


Archon’s power is the ability to channel cosmic energy through his body and redirect it in many different forms. Archon has been known to throw energy blasts from any part of his body. He has also been seen using telekinesis, forcefields, and flight. Under extreme circumstances, the young man has even been shown fashioning constructs, through this tires him out.

5 Years Later


Born Johnathan Gunn, the young man who would be known as Archon was one of the many people caught in the Second Silver-Storm. He was among the small number of people world wide whose DNA was the right combination so that the Storm granted him nearly god-like powers. However, all these powers were under control, because Maximillian Mars was controlling him through the nanites.

Then came the day when the Knights of Neumond stormed the space station and defeated Mars, with Push throwing him out into space to burn up in the atmosphere. Suddenly, Johnathan’s mind came back to him, and all the control over his powers left. His body began to swell with power, over loading his senses. Not feeling well, Johnathan went home, unaware of the danger he was to his parents and siblings. Finally, the power swelled through Johnathan’s body before exploding outward in a devestating detonation that took out Johnathan’s entire neighborhood. Surviving, the young man was quickly captured by the authorities and handed over to some governmental group that experimented on the boy. For close to a year, the boy was tortured as the group tried to figure out the extent of his powers.

It was during this time that Johnathan learned of how he obtained his powers, and how he lost control of them. He came to hate Push, thinking that if the hero hadn’t murdered Mars, he would never have lost control over his powers and destroyed his own family. He vowed that one day he would escape and make Push pay.

Over a year after being captured, Johnathan was freed from his torturers by the villain Cyber Cymion. The super intelligent ape fashioned a suit that limited the young man’s powers, thus allowing him to learn control. Cymion offered Johnathan a chance to fulfill his dreams of revenge. The young power house accepted the chance and took on a new name for his new life; Archon.


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