The American

Russian who is obsessed with America & now can grow 30ft tall.


Name: Dolfe Chofsky

Dolfe is a former Russian Spetnaz agent. After nearly being blown up by a grenade, Dolfe was found and brought to a hospital by a passing American tourist. This lead to Dolfe becomming almost obsessed with America and his eventual migration to the U.S.

Once on American soil, Dolfe began to look for work. Hoping to become a member of law enforcement, his old injury keeps him from passing the fitness requirment. As an alternative, Dolfe has tried bounty hunting, which he was good at but didn’t get by very well on. After a month he was nearly pennyless.

After nearly a year at his new home, Dolfe found steady income as a bouncer at the Gold Club, a gentlmen’s club that pays well. Dolfe works nights only, so is generally free most of the day, taking periodic naps instead of getting a full nights rest; a trick he picked up back in his military days.

Dispite havign settled into a comfortable life, Dolfe lives with a constant nagging fear that one day his desetion of the Russian military will catch up with him.

The American

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