Childhood's End

204 Army of Light

As Atlantis makes moves to invade the Earth, will the heroes be able to stop it in time?

Heroes escape from rooms in Atlantis.

Lilith and Sigma begin to damage the shield generators protecting the city from the shadow beasts.

The American and Vine begin seperating the city from the continent it’s sitting on by punching holes in the continent and tearing it apart with plants.

Mecha Mistress hides in a closet and hacks the city’s control systems, getting ready to bring the city’s defenses online.

The shield goes down, allowing shadow to invade the city. Sigma, Lilith and Light Bearers start defending the city from the shadow.

Celestial starts lifting the city and continent chunk up, taking help from Mecha Mistress converting the city’s power grid into an anti-gravity generator.

Light Bearers on Earth activated the Dimensional Anchors, pulling the city onto Earth. A shadow hitched a ride.

Celestial began to lower the city down, along with the help of Push, who, along with others, came to help out, slowly lowered Atlantis into the Earth’s crust, thus creating a new continent.

The rest of the group fought the shadow, which turned out to be Dark Beast, manipulating the shadows. The group defeated Dark Beast. Lilith died during the event, her powers controller being destroyed.

A week later, Lilith came back to life again, but this time, unable to switch her powers.



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