Childhood's End

1.09 - Lightning Strikes Twice


As he ran down the gleaming hallway, his breath began to come up short.

I should’ve kept in better shape.

He realized the oddity of that thought entering his mind at this moment. He was, after all, running for his life.

Turning a corner, he slammed into a wall and kept running, desperately trying to make it to the exit and his car before he was discovered. Clutched in his hand was a small vial, containing what seemed to be a cloud of silvery particles floating around.

Sweat dripped into his eyes as he started running down the stairs. He knew better than to try for the elevator. They’d catch him too easily that way. Knocking someone over in the stairwell, the man tried to offer an apology as he continued running. This was too important, it had to get out.

Finally, he saw it. His hope of making it out alive. Driving himself into an all-out sprint, the man finally burst through the doors and pulled out his smart phone. He didn’t stop running as he began to dial the number, but he knew that now that he was out of the cell-jamming building, he had to risk it. He had to make the call. Someone had to be told.

Then his whole world went sideways. He saw the ground in front of him turn to lava, the light poles to snakes, and his legs to cement. He knew his moment had come. Still, even though he couldn’t see the phone, he told his fingers to press down, praying they were in the right spot.

Then his mind went blank as the monsters began to swarm over him, tearing his flesh from his bones.

Two people walked over to the small scientist curled in the fetal position on the pavement, screaming in agony.

“Will his mind survive?” Maximillian Mars stepped out of the shadows and looked down at one of his formerly best scientists.

“It doesn’t have to.” Lord Etheric stepped to meet Max and glared down at the pathetic scientist who’d worked for the industry for so long he’d thought he worked for a family.

This is what you get for working for the MAN!

It never occurred to Etheric that he now worked for the man also.

Mars bent over and took the vial from the scientist, straightened his suit, and turned back towards the research center.

“Make sure that it doesn’t.”

Etheric simply smiled.



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