Childhood's End

1.07 - Gang Wars pt 2


After escaping from Angelo “Snaps” Provolone, Stealth returns to the Stealth Cave. Upon entering, he sees the newest members of the team; Raven, Gadget Girl and Watchman, making a bad first impression. Raven sets out for work, slightly annoyed at Stealth, and heads towards the business district of Neumond.

Coming through a side street, she comes across a disturbing scene. 2 large groups, one about a dozen Russian men the other about half a dozen Italians. Suddenly, a blinding flash of light comes from the Italian group, announcing the arrival of 8 newcomers. Raven stares in awe at the sudden appearance of Octaman, The Mongoose, Lord Etheric, Lightshow, Gargantua, Cannon and Angelo Provolone.

Angelo steps forward, cigar held in 1 hand and a devilish smile on his face. “Gentlemen, you have 2 options. You can either join my organization and become my boys, or you can die. It’s that simple.” After the enthusiastic refusal of the Russians, Angelo sighs. “Kill ’em,” he says, disappearing in another flash of light. The group of super humans begins attacking the Russian gang, quickly gaining the upper hand.

Raven puts in a call to the Cave, telling the group about the situation. Gadget Girl is the first to get there, setting up her cameras to let the people see the action. The rest of the group gets there soon after, arriving with All-American Man delivering a nearly useless attack to Gargantua. The others all go below to take care of the others, focusing on the weaker members first to thin out their numbers.

From out of nowhere, a strange new Stormer appears near Gadget Girl and Raven, but passes by them to launch an attack at Tempus, which the time-bender easily avoids. The new hero, Spirit Wolf, lands on the ground like a ninja, going back on the offensive against the villains.

Not long after the battle begins, Octaman, Lightshow, and Lord Etheric are taken down, leaving only Gargantua, Tempes and Cannon. Through the combined efforts of Watchman, Push and Gadget Girl, Tempes is taken down, finally showing that he can be beaten. Cannon, despite being taken on by 3 heroes at once, still manages to stay in the game, seemingly unaffected by anything that is thrown at him. Gargantua is kept busy by All-American Man, but is taking little damage as well.

Finally, the giant is taken down by an amazing shot from Gadget Girl. The humungous man goes down, pinning Push under him. Now, with only Cannon left, the group turns their attention to him. Showing his nature as a true coward, the plasma-thrower vanishes in another blast of light.

With the battle over, the Police and Maximillian Mars arrive to clean up the mess. The passed out villains are taken into custody and taken away. After talking things through for a while, the Knights of Neumond as Mars likes to call them, go back to their base.


A burst of energy, and the fight was over. Cannon had managed to escape, again.

“Well, how did it go?”

Cannon turned around and saw “Snaps” sitting in a chair with a glass of wine in his hand. “It went fine, till ”/campaign/childhood-s-end/wikis/knights-of-neumond" class=“wiki-page-link”> they showed up. The others all got captured, even Tempus, for all his talk of being the ‘master of time’."

Rage and fury curled Snaps’ face as he stood and threw his glass into the fire. The alcohol burned in a burst of flame.

“Now now, Angelo. Is that any way to appreciate a Lafite Rothschild Pauillac?”

Turning around, Cannon and Snaps observed the newest person to enter the room.

“Your supers failed, Mars.”

Maximillian Mars stepped out of the shadows, a smile playing on his lips. “Failed? Is that what you think? I’d like to think of it more as an amazing success.”

Snaps furrowed his brow in anger at the quadrillion-are. “What do you mean success? My boys are dead. Most of that group you gave me are now in jail. How was this a success?

Mars smiled and focused on the throbbing vein in Snaps’ face. “You really should calm down, Angelo. Your heart isn’t what it used to be. But, you asked how I consider this a success? It’s simple. We managed to prove that the supers make an excellent army. The fight with the ”/campaign/childhood-s-end/wikis/knights-of-neumond" class=“wiki-page-link”> Knights of Neumond just drove the point home. Trust me, there’s not an army on the planet that won’t want some of our supers. MARS Tech will make a killing."

Snaps’ eyes went wide with disbelief. “You mean to tell me that my boys are dead, all that money was spent, and it was just so you could sell some weapons?”

Mars’s smile just made Snaps fume even more. “Cannon, kill this idiot!”

Cannon didn’t move. Snaps stared in anger at the bulky energy-wielder. “Did you hear me, boy?”

“Oh, he can hear you, he just can’t do much about it right now.” Snaps turned towards Mars as the genius rolled his sleeve up, showing a glowing, miniature computer on his arm. “You didn’t think I’d take the time to create the ”/campaign/childhood-s-end/wikis/01%20-%20The%20Silver%20Storm/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Silver Storm, and not build in a fail-safe?"

Snaps was still speechless.

Mars smiled. “Cannon, kill Snaps.”

A burst of energy, and the discussion was over.

Heroes Present
All-American Man
Gadget Girl
Lilith Riddle A.K.A. Raven
Spirit Wolf



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