Childhood's End

1.06 - Faith pt. 2

Searching for answers to the fate of Raven’s colleague, the group visits the Temple of the Light, a fairly new church in Neumond. While their, they meet Alex, a young man who helps members of the church to find jobs. While being shown through the church, All-American Man suffers a slight injury, thus distracting Alex long enough for Raven to search the area.

After finding a hidden door, Raven quickly searches the long passageway and finds a large room with what appears to be a sacrificial alter of some sort. She takes a sample of what appears to be dried blood, then goes back to join the team.

After showing their evidence to Detective Buckner, they once again return to the Temple of the Light, this time in time to attend one of their sermons. The service is a very spiritual affair, which the group takes some interest in.

After the service, Gadget Girl searches Shepherd Jones’s office and finds a disturbing note. The others move to a secluded area, which allows All-American Man to burrow a tunnel into the chamber that Raven discovered earlier.

Upon entering the chamber, the heroes are stunned to see another sacrifice take place, which they are too late to stop. A young man, obviously a Stormer affected by the Silver Storm, is stabbed through the heart, causing the green robed figure to transform into a large lizard-like creature. The other people, some very high-ranking people in the community, turn to face the invading heroes.

A dozen surround All-American Man, doing nearly no damage, while the other heroes move to go after the lizard creature. Raven goes to remove the dagger that ended the Stormer’s life, but is blown back by some strange electric force. Push moves into an attack position, while Gadget Girl joins the group and sends the details of the situation to the police.

All-American Man swiftly takes out half of his dozen opponants, while Raven recovers and barely dodges an attack from the large lizard. Acting on reflex, she swiftly attacks the thing, managing to imbed it into the cavern wall. After this stunning attack, the remaining members of the strange cult surrender and are swiftly arrested by the police.

Gadget girl senses something strange with the alter and dagger, so she notifies Mars Tech, who send out a team to extract the strange device. The alter seems to be sending some sort of signal to a non-terrestrial source.

The Children of the Light, stunned by the sudden intrusion of the police and Mars Tech, are not sure what to do. They believe, with the arrest of their Shepherd, that their faith is somehow destroyed. Many feel like it will be a long time before they can feel secure in their faith again.

Feeling satisfied in their victory, but a bit uneasy about the way things turned out, the group heads back to their base to rest up.

Heroes in Attendence
All-American Man
Gadget Girl
Lilith Riddle A.K.A. Raven



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