Childhood's End

1.04 - Faith

Do YOU believe?

The wear on the stone floor showed how long the cathedral had been here. Worn smooth over hundreds of years of use, they were a dull gray.

It’s funny what you think about, in the end.

The girl noted her interior monologue, as well as her observations on the floor as she kicked and screamed against the two men dragging her along said floor. While half her brain railed and fought back against what was coming, the other half hoping and praying that she would wake up any second now.

However, as the two men in red hooded cloaks dragged her through the long chamber, she began to lose hope in the second option. Finally, arriving at their destination, the two men threw the girl to the floor before binding her ankles, knees, and hands behind her back. They had already changed her street clothes with a simple white shift before even leaving her cell. Done with the binding, the two men picked the girl up and placed her on a stone slab at about waist height.

Oh gosh, oh gosh. They’re really going to kill me.

As the two men in red held the girl down, she looked up and saw a man in a similar robe, though this one was green. The man held a gilded dagger in his hands that seemed to glow. Staring down at the young girl, the man’s slitted eyes seemed filled with hope.

“We pray to the old gods, long forgotten by the weak and worthless. We offer this sacrifice in the hopes that you will return to us. Return! RETURN! RETURN!

The knife dropped suddenly with a sickening thunk sound. The red men released their grasp as the girl’s body went limp. Trails of blood flowed down the stone slab as the men in robes began to walk away.

Session Summary
Characters in attendance:
All-American Man
Gadget Girl
Lilith Riddle A.K.A. Raven
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