Childhood's End

1.03b - The Power Source

The wooden doors slammed open as Susana stormed out of the meeting. Following in her wake was her assistant, Content Not Found: herschel-simpson.

Dr. Rosario. Do you really think you should’ve called the board members ‘incompetent blogs of fat’?

Susana Rosario turned on Herschel with an eye full of hate and loathing.

Of course I should have, you incompetent idiot! Do you have any idea what my research into the creation of black holes could produce? do you? We could have limitless energy! End famine! Explore the stars! But NOOO! Those idiots in there would rather sit on their fat hind-parts and just let science chug along doing nothing.

Finishing her rant with her finger pointed in scorn at the doors she had just walked through, Susana turned in a huff and continued her dramatic exit, with Herschel following closely behind.

One Month Later…

Dr. Susana Rosario worked with a socket, getting that one last bolt into place. Finally, she stood back, wiping the sweat from her brow, and looked at her work in appreciation.

It’s done. Finally, it’s done.

Looking up towards the top, even Dr. Rosario had to admit that her robot looked fantastic.

Android 3

Game Notes
After nearly two weeks working with Stealth, Push and All-American Man are sitting down to breakfast in the Stealth Cave when the cave warns them of someone standing outside the ship. A young woman looks directly at the security camera, having figured out the location of the Stealth Cave. She even bypassed the locks and got inside. Push and All-American Man figured that she must be decent, because the cave allowed her in.

Later on, the heroes were at the science convention called, “The Future, Today!”. Benjamin and Sara were having fun being around other geeks and science nerds. Doph was busy with a security side job. Everyone was enjoying themselves for the most part when a presentation started by Dr. Susana Rosario on the future of robotics. The robot ended up going rogue and attacking the pavilion. Our heroes sprung into action, eventually taking the robot down when Gadget Girl broke past its firewalls and turned it off. During the fight, a new hero was discovered, Content Not Found: raven.

Back at the base, the group tried to decipher what was going to happen with the robot, and what to do about the new heroes joining their ranks. A few days later, a news report by Caleb Gardner reported that another robot was attacking the city. Gadget Girl received a phone call from Detective Buckner, having given him her number at the previous robot fight. The heroes rushed to the scene.

Arriving each in their own way (All-American Man burrowed his way, erupting dramatically from the ground), the heroes set into motion to take this second, more powerful robot down. Push stayed airborne, shooting from the sky. All-American Man picked up sewer piping and smashed the robot. Gadget Girl tried to hack her way in again.

However, it was Raven, becoming a shadow and sneaking through the robot’s chassy, eventually blowing the head off from the inside. However, as she stood on top of the headless robot, it’s gravity-engine began to overheat. Gadget Girl realized the engine was about to go and yelled for Raven to get out of there. Push dove down at full speed, trying to make it in time, but was too late. The robot exploded, taking Raven with it.

However, Doph found Raven, a few days later wandering the streets. So, now the question is, how did she survive?



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