Childhood's End

In the wake of the Silver Storm, the Galleries are buried in rubble. The news media have been making reports over the past 24 hours about the emergence of super humans. Caleb Gardner of the evening news reported from the scene of the battle about the destruction and asked the question, “How did this happen?” This seems to be the big question on everyone’s lips.

However, over the radio waves, shock-jock Colin Hoke asks, “Is this the end of it, or the beginning of our problems?”

After arriving at the Stealth Cave, Stealth and Push began to settle in the for the night, with Push practicing the use of his powers.

All-American Man arrived at his own apartment, in need of new clothes after destroying most of his in combat.

That night, Stealth went on patrol, looking for evidence at the Galleries as to the arrival of super-humans in Neumond. He found All-American Man’s security pass for the Gold Club, where apparently he worked as a bouncer.

Returning by morning, Stealth went to bed for the night, while Push went home so his parents wouldn’t be suspicious of his disappearance. Sneaking into his basement bedroom, he changed into his real clothes and walked out for a mid-afternoon breakfast. Here we met Push’s parents Katheryn Christy Fields and Amos Ismael Fields. Katheryn asked young Benjamin if he wanted some breakfast while Amos asked him if he’d finally gotten laid.

Later that night, when Push had returned to the Stealth Cave, both he and Stealth agreed to go on patrol. Push found trouble first, seeing a man and a woman trying to break into the offices of Red Shift Energies. Using his new comlink, Push called for Stealth to come help out. Landing near the would-be thieves, Push announced his presence and quickly discovered that the man was a size-changer, much like All-American Man. Growing to thirty feet, the giant criminal knocked Push into a nearby strip club, the Gold Club. Dolph happened to be working that night and realized that trouble was afoot.

Quickly grabbing some stripper clothing, Dolph turned into All-American man and entered the fray. Push and All-American Man fought against the giant, who grew another thirty feet, for some time before finally taking him down.

Inside the building, Stealth snuck up behind the woman and saw her downloading some files from the main computer before trying to head back out the building. A small battle ensued between Stealth and the woman before Push arrived and helped to take the criminal down.

Handing the would-be criminals over to the police, Stealth and Push lifted off to fly back to base, carrying All-American man in tow. Arriving at the Stealth Cave, All-American Man was given his own room and accommodations.



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