Childhood's End

1.01 - The Silver Storm

Everyone was in the Galleries of Neumond shopping for the holidays when a storm of silver energy erupted from a nearby van. The storm granted everyone in the area superpowers.

Stealth, who was already a hero, donned his suit and sprung in to help out with the disaster.

Push and All-American Man discovered their powers and began to help out as well.

Three of the people caught in the storm began to terrorize the Galleries. The heroes sprung into action and put each of them down in turn. These people were Death Magnetic, Lord Etheric, and The Mongoose.

After the fight, Stealth returned to the Stealth Cave, only to discover that Push had followed him. Stealth decided to let him enter the Stealth Cave and join forces with the new hero.

All-American Man was still on his own at the end.



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